Rolling Thunder Truck Series Rulebook - 2019 


Section 1 - Driver Requirements

1.1 - All drivers are expected to race cleanly and with respect to their fellow competitors.  This includes all sanctioned races hosted by Cyber Thunder Racing League in hosted and private league sessions.  This rule encompasses points paying and non-points paying races.

1.2 - Drivers will be required to use a racing wheel and pedal setup.  No keyboard or mouse controllers are allowed.  

1.3 - A minimum iRacing license of D Class 2.0 or higher will be required to race within official Cyber Thunder Racing League hosted races and league sessions.  

1.4 - Drivers who do not meet the D Class 2.0 or higher requirement will be allowed to register for the league and run in practice sessions for the league, however they will be pulled off the track at the conclusion of practice.  Drivers who fall into this category may not enter the track during qualifications or at any point during the race.  Failure to do so will result in immediate removal from the server and revoked access of practice sessions hosted by CTRL under hosted or league sessions.

1.5 - All drivers will be required be present in the racing lobby located Teamspeak server during official league races.  Our teamspeak server IP is  Our server password is ctr2019.  If you would like a password protected channel created within Teamspeak, please contact an admin on teamspeak (designated with the blue A symbol next to their name.)

1.6 - By racing in the Cyber Thunder Racing League, the admin staff reserves the right to discuss, discipline, and/or remove any driver from the league, either temporarily or permanently, with or without notice, from the league if the driver fails to meet the requirements listed within this rule book. 

Section 2 - Qualifying Procedures

2.1 - Rolling Thunder will utitlize a closed 2 lap qualifying session. 

2.2 - Driver chatter will be kept to a minimum during all qualifying sessions.  Please only utilize voice or text chat communication if there is an incident on track or to allow another driver to pass you high/low.

2.3 - The pole sitter for the race will have the option to choose the low or bottom lane for the initial race start.  Pole sitter must announce his/her selection prior to rolling off the grid.  

Section 3 - Race Procedures

3.1 - All official private league sessions hosted by Cyber Thunder Racing League will utilize a 60 minute practice session beginning at 7 PM EST on Tuesday nights using the C Class Trucks (Chevrolet Silverado, Toyota Tundra)

3.2 - The division will be an open setup series.  

3.3 - A drivers meeting will be held when there is 5 minutes remaining on the official practice clock.  Please restrain from using voice chat at this time as it will disrupt the driver's meeting.  Any questions can be asked during practice or at the conclusion of the driver's meeting.

3.4 - Cyber Thunder Racing League will use dynamic weather.

3.5 - No fast repairs will be allowed for oval events.

3.5a - One fast repair will be allowed for road course events.  

3.6 - Black flags will only be cleared due to restarts and will be reviewed at the end of the session. If you have a black flag cleared for jumping a start or passing on the inside without cause, you will receive an EOLL penalty post race.  

3.7 - Blocking is prohibited until 10 laps to go.  Blocking is defined as changing your driving line to prevent another driver from passing.  

3.8 - Lapped vehicles are expected to hold their current line.  While it is courtesy to allow lead lap vehicles to pass, it is not required.  Race others how you'd like to be raced.


Section 4 - Caution Procedures

*The term and phrase "clean races" in this section refer to completing a race without causing a caution.

4.1 - This will be a 2 and park series.  If you cause 2 cautions, you will be asked to park for the night.  You will be free to join the next Cyber Thunder Racing League session without penalty.

4.2 - If you fail to park after 2 cautions, you will be placed as the last car running in the event. 

4.3 - In addition to the post race penalty listed above, failure to park your vehicle after causing 2 cautions during a single event will result in a 3 race probationary period.  During this 3 race probationary period, you will be required to park your vehicle if you cause 1 caution.  Once you have completed 3 clean races, your probationary period will end and you will go back to a 2 and park status.  Failure to park your vehicle after causing 1 caution on a probationary period will result in a 3 race suspension with suspended use of provisionals for those races.  

4.4 - Any drivers involved in an on track incident will be required to post an "I" for "Involved" or a "C" for "Claim".  If nobody claims the caution, it will be reviewed post race and the driver found at fault through the post race review (Admin Committee or Driver's Committee) will receive a post race penalty of the last car on your lap.  If no driver is found at fault, and it is deemed to be a "racing incident" no penalties will be assessed.

4.5 - Drivers will be required to run single file under caution, using the low line until 2 to go.  Maintain a pacing distance of 0.3-0.5 seconds between you and the vehicle in front of you. 

4.6 - Any on track contact during a caution will result in a drive through penalty on the proceeding restart for the driver at fault. 

4.7 - Free Pass and Wave Around Vehicles are required to drive on the outside of the field and pass the field safely.  Lead lap vehicles will be required to keep low during this time and can double up after the vehicles have passed. 

4.8 - It is always the responsibility of the wave around/lucky dog vehicle to pass the field safely. 

4.9 - Road Courses will not use caution flags.   

4.10 - Drivers who claim a caution will receive an EOLL on the following restart.

Section 5 - Restart Procedures

5.1 - The leader of the restart may choose either the high or low lane.  This must be announced either by voice or text chat as we are receiving the one to go signal at the start/finish line.  

5.2 - All other race vehicles will line up accordingly - odd positions inside, even positions outside from row 2 on back.

5.3 - The leader is allowed to accelerate at any point after the pace car pulls off.  We will not clear black flags for any driver receiving a black flag issued by iRacing for passing the pace car on a restart.  

5.4 - Once the leader accelerates, the leader may not slow up in an attempt to "bottle up the field" behind him/her.  Doing so will result in a drive through penalty issued immediately from the admin staff of Cyber Thunder Racing League.

5.5 - Any driver receiving a black flag on a restart can request to have it cleared by the series admin.  The flag will be cleared and it will be reviewed post race.  If it is deemed you passed without cause (such as someone spinning tires, a wreck occuring in front of you) you will receive a post race penalty of an EOLL.  See rule book section 3.6.

Section 6 - Connection and Technical Issues

6.1 - In the event that iRacing is experiencing technical difficulties and the server is delayed by more than 30 minutes, the race will be postponed to the following week.  All weeks will be moved back by one from that point on.

6.2 - Drivers experiencing high latency or low quality may be asked to drop to the tail of the field until their connection becomes more stable.  

6.3 - Any driver who loses laps due to a connection issue will receive the laps back (up to -1 lap) upon re-entering the race server for their first disconnect when it is safe for the admins to issue laps back. 

6.4 - Subsequent disconnects will not provide any laps back.  

Section 7 - Chase Eligibility

7.1 - TBA.  2019 Summer Season will not utilize a chase.

Section 8 - Points System

8.1 - The race winner will receive 43 points.  From there, the points will decrease by one per position (2nd receives 42, 3rd received 41, etc.)

8.2 - Point Bonuses will be awarded for the following accomplishments:  

         - 3 Bonus Points will be awarded to the race winner

         - 1 Bonus Point will be awarded to a driver for leading a lap.

          -1 Bonus Point will be awarded to the driver who led the most laps during the event.

8.3 - In the event of a tie, the final standings will be determined by 

          - Number of Wins

          - Number of 2nd place finishes, number of 3rd place finishes, sub sequentially until the tie is broken. 

Section 9 - Driver's Committee

9.1 - The driver's committee will be utilized in scenarios that responsibility for protests are in question, or an admin is involved in an incident and cannot make an unbiased decision.

9.2 - This committee will request the input of an odd number of drivers, up to 5, that actively participate in the league.  Each driver will be asked for their input on the incident in question and the driver's committee findings are final.  

9.3 - The driver's committee will be a majority rules scenario.  It does not need to be unanimous.

9.4 - The driver's committee may not issue points penalties, suspensions, or league terminations.  If action is needed to be taken, it will go to the admin committee for review and discussion.  

9.5 - All findings of the driver's committee (and admin committee if necessary) will be publicly posted within 72 hours of the finish of the race. 

9.6 - The individual findings of each driver that was on that driver's committee board will not be released - just the final decision.

9.7 - The driver's committee findings are final and may not be appealed.

Section 10 - Penalties and Suspensions

10.1 - Flaming either voice or text chat towards another driver during any official league session or hosted session by Cyber Thunder Racing League is prohibited.  This includes private messages during the race.  If you have an issue with a driver, speak to them off the track or make an admin aware of the situation.  

10.2 - Stopping on track, or intentionally bringing out a caution is prohibited.  Every effort must be made to get to pit road safely where you can repair your vehicle or retire from the race.  Failure to do so will result in a 25 point penalty.  

10.3 - On track retaliation, including post race is prohibited.  Drivers in violation of this will be immediately removed from the server and may incur a suspension, points penalty, or league termination.  This will be handled on a case by case basis.

10.4 - Suspensions, points penalties, or league terminations may not be appealed. 

10.5 - The driver's committee findings are final and may not be appealed.


Section 11 - Participation

11.1 - Numbers will be available on a first come, first served basis. 

11.2 - No triple digit numbers will be allowed until all active single and double digit numbers have been claimed.

11.3 - The driver list will be cleared of inactive drivers at the end of each season.  An inactive driver is defined as someone who has not completed in 50% of the official league races during that season.  For leave of absence requests, please private message Tom Richter on the forum.

11.4 - At season end, current active drivers will receive priority choice of their numbers for the following season.

11.5 - No number changes will be permitted mid-season.  Once your number is assigned to you, that is your number for the entire season.  You may request a new number at the end of the season

11.6 - Drivers will be allowed 3 provisionals per season.  Drivers receiving provisionals for a race will receive last place points.  No provisionals will be granted after the race.  Please request a provisional before 8 PM EST on race day via the Provisional Form - Click Here

Section 12 - Protests

12.1 - All protests will be submitted within 24 hours of the conclusion of the race to the Protest Form - Click Here.  

12.2  All protests submitted will be reviewed by an admin within 24 hours.  If it is deemed that an admin cannot make a decision based upon the nature of the incident, it will be sent to the driver's committee for review.

12.3 - All protest findings will be final and no appeals will be held for any penalties, suspensions, or league terminations that occur as a result of said protest.

Section 13 - Miscellaneous

13.1 - For major league related issues that need immediate attention and correction, Cyber Thunder Racing League reserves the right to modify, add, or remove rules at any point throughout the season.  This will only be done for major issues that need to be corrected immediately, and at the discretion of the Admin Committee, should be rectified prior to season's end.